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    the cryptographic world

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Introducing the Lance Coin

With the growing popularity of blockchain technology, Lance Coin's audience hopes to fill the blockchain application gap in the sports industry through blockchain technology, which is an emerging industry worldwide. What we want to create is a decentralized, globalized chain, infiltrated into the sports industry, shared by both parties and co-created value.

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Lance Coin
Get the joint benefits of blockchain technology and traditional currency

How to participate?

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    Access one of the partner platforms and learn about exclusive benefits

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    Register on your chosen platform and validate your account

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    Make your LCE purchase or make a payment with LCE

Understand Why

We are number 1

A digital currency that allows instant low-rate payments to anyone around the world.


Users don't need to rely on a purse to keep their currency

Risk diversification

Professional investors can use LCE to diversify their risk portfolios in times of high volatility


High technology

The BEP-20 standard specifies a set of functions for managing transactions and tracking account balances

High Performance

Displays faster transaction times than Bitcoin and with substantial trade volume and liquidity

We take what works from the old-world financial system and remove what doesn't.


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23 million coins

Our jurisdiction

We are an international company. We are registered in the British Virgin Islands and also have a license in Central America registered in Panama.

Certificate number: 2097643

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We are present

Lance Coin


Any wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain-based assets will support LCE. Be sure to "add LCE" as an asset with any of these wallets.

Does your wallet support LCE? Send us a message and we'll add it to the list!

Pre-sale & Amounts

ICO - Initial Coin Offering

30% - 6,900,000

They will be distributed to the team, partners and advisors. These tokens will have a 12-month vesting period after first listing on an Exchange and will be released in 5% slices over the next 20 months.

5% - 1,150,000

They will be used for references.

Lance Coin

1% - 230,000

They will be used for giveaways, which can be for example airdrops, rewards for social competitions or can be used as staking rewards. In each case, these tokens will flow back to the community.

We were present

Fairs and events

Expo Dubai 2022
Consig Summit 2022

More information about LCE

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LCE Partners

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If you wish to integrate LCE into your product or service, serve as a network partner, become a reserve bank, or otherwise join Lance Coin, please fill out the form below.

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Rua Nhambiquaras

Jardim América


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